Memaparkan catatan dengan label Amazing. Papar semua catatan
Memaparkan catatan dengan label Amazing. Papar semua catatan

Khamis, 13 Februari 2014

INFO : Carnivorous plants !!! Amazing Monster Plant (Pokok makan daging)

Periuk Kera 
The plant so called 'pitcher plant' or 'monkey cup' has grown and breed in Malaysia healthily, her botanic scientific name is Nepenthes spp. 
This plant can grown well on acidic soil, hot, humid, less nitrogen and dry low land environment. The name "monkey cups" refers to the fact that monkeys drink rainwater from these plants.

The 'cup' act like a trap which contains a fluid (kinda syrup) of the plants self production, used to drown the prey. The fluid contains very elastic bio-polymer that may be crucial to the retention of insects within the traps. 

Besides insects, prey could be a larger species such as rats and lizards or even small birds... she really Monster
Variety species (thousand) form very beautiful and attractive colors..... yet danger!!!
Heard about people cook this plant for exotic meal... nyum nyum. Wanna know more info? then ask Mr Google... :)

Intan Garden did supply some species to nearby schools for study and co-curriculum purpose.  
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INFO : Leaf produce sweet as Sugar!!! Amazing (Stevia si Pokok Ajaib)

Saintifik: Stevia rebaudiana (Sun Flower Family - Asteraceae

Stevia a.k.a sweet tea, sweet leaf of paraguay, eira-caa, sweet herb, sugar leaf is a wonderful gifted plant which contains edible, healthy, non-calorific sweetener. Its extract are proven more sweet to approx 200 times compare to conventional sugar (FROM sugar cain) - good sugar alternative.

Stevia is a amazing plant with ability to produce natural sweetener, can reduce blood sugar, lower your BP and it can kill certain bad bacterial. This herb was claim with ability to lower down your bodymass significantly.

Intan Garden did supply this herbs plant to the several schools nearby Selangor, Malaysia for education purposes.

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